The Greatest Loser (Dog Edition)

Many of us have pets that are overweight. There are many reasons for this – too much food, food that is too high in calories, not enough exercise and just a natural inclination to put on weight easily. Lately, some clients of ours, the Scondos, brought in their two dachshunds, Max and Otto. Now, dachshunds are always a little susceptible to looking overweight because they just don’t have anywhere to put the extra pounds! But these two were a 4 and a 4.5 on a scale of 5 for body condition. (That means that we couldn’t feel their ribs, they had no natural waist and that they had…droopy bellies – sorry Max and Otto but that’s the truth!)

Here’s some before pics of the two of them!

As you can see, a little weight loss was a good idea. Max and Otto’s owners decided to take action.

No one would suggest that getting your pet to lose weight is easy – it does take commitment, usually a food change, a heart hardened to begging eyes, (keeping in mind that that is the most LOVING thing to do!) and your participation in their exercise program.

Here’s what the Scondos did:

They changed their food. They chose Hill’s Science Diet r/d (reducing diet). This is one of many “diet” foods that we have at Green Acres. There are many reasons pets gain weight and it is important to keep those reasons in mind when choosing a food. This diet helped Max and Otto feel full longer which decreased the begging. It also is high in fiber and lower in calories than their previous food.

The started measuring their food to ensure the calories they ate would match their energy requirements. No more “just winging it”!

Treats were carefully counted or cut out all together.

They increased their exercise routine – lots of walks in the park.

The Results

Max started off as a 12.7 kg dog and is now weighing in at 8.4 kg!


Otto used to weigh 10.3 kg and now weighs only 7.3 kg!

Congratulations to the Scondos for all the hard work they have done to make sure their dogs are healthy and happy! And to all of you out there who wonder if this weight loss thing is even possible keep this real life story in mind and use if for a little inspiration.

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