The Great Cat Grab

On April 4, 2011, Green Acres Animal Hospital experimented with a new type of community service. One of our clients approached us with the idea of getting her entire barn cat colony spayed and neutered on the same day. Kim, the owner of the cats, noticed that her barn cat population was growing exponentially and decided that she should do something about it.

Kim estimated that she had 12-18 cats on her property. She borrowed traps and captured 9 on the first try. All came to GAAH on a Monday morning for surgery. It turned out that she had 3 females and 6 males. Two of those females were already on their way to having kittens.

Because females have a more complicated surgery than males, she kept the females in a heated pump house for a few days after surgery. The males were kept overnight in an enclosed hay shed to protect them from predators while they were still under the affects of their anaesthetic.

Here are Kim’s comments regarding the day:

“All 9 cat surgeries went very well!!! The vets and staff were pleased with how smooth everything went. They are a great group of people, very personable and professional. I took comfort in the fact that I was able to continue this feral cat project of mine with them. I have come to trust Green Acres Animal Hospital over the years with my personal, hand-raised animals. Now I can add feral cats to the list!!”

Kim has offered to be a contact/resource person for anyone else who may want to attempt this on their property. She is more than willing to share her contacts, the things she has learned while trying to gather her cats up, and the resources she has found. If you are interested in this type of project please call Green Acres (403-327-8660) to discuss timing and prices. (We heavily discount this type of surgery.) We can also give you Kim’s contact information so that you can discuss with her the best way to get started.

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