Wellness Exams and Vaccines

Green-Acres_2014-5952The veterinary staff at Green Acres believe strongly in preventive medicine.  Because pets age more quickly than humans, a yearly exam is comparable to us going to the doctor only once every 3-4 years.  Most health problems are much easier (and cheaper) to treat if they are caught early and many diseases can be prevented entirely through a regular vaccination program.

Puppies and Kittens

If you have recently adopted a new puppy or kitten we are very excited for you!  This is one of the most important times in a pet’s life for great preventive health care.  The standard for giving vaccines is usually as follows:

  1. 8 weeks – a core vaccine usually including 4-5 of the main puppy and kitten diseases and deworming
  2. 12 weeks – a repeat of the 8 week vaccine to increase the body’s ability to fight off those diseases. (aka “a booster shot”)
  3. 16 weeks – the cores vaccine for a 3rd time AND a Rabies vaccine.  Rabies is one of the only viruses that can transfer from pets to humans so it is very important to protect your pets and your family.

After this series your pet will be protected for a year.  After that you and your vet can set up a schedule of vaccination that works best for your pet.


Wellness ExamWe recommend yearly visits for all animals and they are required for any animal on daily prescription medication.  An annual visit may include any of the following: a full physical exam, diagnostic blood work, “upkeep” procedures such as ear cleaning and plucking, anal gland expression, prescription refills, and vaccinations.


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