Barn Cat Spay and Neuter Program

Feral cat traps

Feral cat traps

It’s a story we hear all of the time – a family needs to have a few barn cats to keep the rodent population down and they have two great mousers who do this for them.  Then, either by drop-offs or wandering cats smelling food, they suddenly have new cats in their barn.  Then spring comes and the 4 or 5 cats turn into 20.  This is not a great situation for the property owner or for the cats.  Green Acres Animal Hospital wants to do their part to help prevent these types of situations.  We offer a feral/barn cat spay and neuter program for people trying to contain the cat population on their property.

  • Large colonies of barn/shop/feral cats are usually underfed and unhealthy.  Diseases such as cat distemper, upper respiratory infections and parasites travel from cat to cat with alarming speed.  It is in the best interests of the cats to keep the population restricted. Green Acres wants to help you do this!
  • We will set up a day with you to get all cats done for you on one day.
  •  If your cats can be handled then we can lend you carriers to bring them in to us in.  If they are feral then we will refer you to organizations who can lend you traps.
  • The price of these surgeries is based on how many cats you have.  You will need to call for a price.  Male cat surgeries are generally less expensive than females so the gender of the cats also affects the price.
  • The price of these surgeries is discounted quite significantly for a few reasons.  Normally, we would give a complete physical exam to a patient before surgery and place them on IV fluids during surgery.  Because many of these cats are wild we are often unable to examine them until they are heavily sedated or anaesthetized.  We also do not use IV fluids because we can not get the IV catheter out after the cat wakes up without risking injury to the cat or ourselves. Both of these things do increase the risk of anaesthetic to a certain extent.

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