Urns and Photo boxes

We have many urns and photo boxes available to you if you would like to have your animal’s ashes returned to you after cremation. You are also welcome to bring one to us.

Photo boxes


Photo boxes come in three sizes – small, medium and large. There are also 3 colors – cherry, birch or black. They have a slot for a picture of your pet on the front and are hollow to allow the placement of ashes inside. The general rule for choosing the appropriate size for your pet is:

Small: 0-10 kg

Medium: 10-16 kg

Large: 16-35 kg

(Pets that are larger than 35 kg [77 lbs] can still be placed in a large photo box, but you will also receive a small bag additional to the urn with the remainder of the ashes.)

The photo boxes vary in price from $75-$110 depending on size and finish.

Classic Paw Print Urns

The heart shaped urns are very small so if they are chosen for an animal that is more than 2 kg (about 4 lbs) you will receive a bag of additional ashes for scattering.

slate urn

Classic Paw print Urns vary in price from $75- $190 depending on size and color.

Small: up to 15lbs.

Medium: 10-35lbs.

Large: 35-65lbs.

Extra Large (only in slate): up to 190lbs.

Hearts: < 4lbs.

Classic Pewter Urn






These pewter urns are very simple.  They are silver in color with three 3 black lines encircling them.  They come in 3 different sizes priced from $100-$160.

Small: up to 35lbs.

Medium: 35-65lbs.

Large: 55-100lbs.

Single and Double Paw Print Urns


These urns are shorter than the other choices but larger in diameter. The only decoration is on the lid – a single paw print or a double. They come in pewter (silver in color) or slate (a black metallic.) They are priced between $75-$150 depending on size and finish.

Small: up to 15lbs.

Medium: 10-35lbs.

Large: 35-65lbs.

Heart: < 4 lbs.

Scatter Urns

Scatter Urns





Scatter urns are between $20 and $27 depending on size. Many people have a special place they shared with a pet. It may be a favourite trail, a gazebo in their garden or a camping spot in the mountains. If you would like to scatter their ashes in this memorable spot we can provide you with a scatter urn. It is a simple black rigid container that you can easily carry with you to the perfect location. If you decide to display the urn, a picture of you pet can be placed under a protective covering on the top of the urn.

Small: <15 lbs.

Large: 15-100lbs.

Scatter Boxes





If no urn is chosen then the ashes will be put in to a box at no charge.

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