End of Life Services

The death of a pet is always difficult.  Whether it happens tragically, peacefully at home or because of a decision to end their suffering, we feel the loss deeply.  The staff at Green Acres want to help you through this situation.

Pre-Planning for Your Pet’s Aftercare

Pre-planning for your pet’s after care allows you to know that everything will be taken care of …(click for more)

Cremation FAQ’s

Cremation is not a common topic of conversation.  Many people don’t know much about it all so here are some commonly asked questions . . . (click for more)

Cremation Services

Green Acres Animal Hospital is one of the only veterinary hospitals in Canada equipped with a professional crematorium inside the hospital  … (click for more)

When It’s Time To Say Good-bye

We are never quite prepared for the loss of our pet. Whether death is …(click for more)

Reaching the Decision

To help you prepare for the decision to euthanize your pet, consider the following questions. They are intended only as a guide. Only you can decide …(click for more)

The Euthanasia Process

When you are ready, the doctor will administer the injection of the Euthanasia solution which results in a rapid and painless…(click for more)

Children and the Death of a Pet

For many children, the death of their pet is their first experience with grief and loss. Losing a pet deserves very special attention …(click for more)

If you would like another resource to help you cope with the possibility or reality of the loss of your pet please click on this link for the Argus Institute.  The Argus Institute is part of the vet teaching hospital at Colorado State University.  They have some great articles and information on their website or you can order a downloadable copy of their book calledWhat Now?  Support For You and Your Companion Animal”.

Memorial Products

Looking for great pet accessories? Need a special collar, bed or gift for your friend’s new puppy? We have just what you are looking for.