Reaching the Decision

To help you prepare for the decision to euthanize your pet, consider the following questions. They are intended only as a guide. Only you can decide what the best solution is for you and your pet. Take your time as these are not easy questions to face. Please feel free to discuss this with any of our team members.

  • What is the current quality of my pet’s life?
  • Is my pet eating well? Are they playful and affectionate towards me?
  • Does my pet seem tired and withdrawn most of the time?
  • Is my pet in apparent pain? Is there anything I can do to make them more comfortable?
  • Can my pet perform toiletry habits with dignity?
  • Are there other treatment options available?
  • Is allowing my pet to die at home with the appropriate medications for comfort an option?
  • If a behavioural problem has led me to this decision, have I sought the expertise of a veterinary behavioural consultant?

Here are similar questions that are set up as a survey.  Sometimes attaching a number and seeing the total can help you make a decision.  A veterinary oncologist in California namedDr. Alice Villalobos has designed this questionaire to help owners determine their pet’s overall quality of life. 



Speak to all family members regarding this decision. As each family member shares the care giving responsibilities for your pet, each member should have a say in the decision to have the pet euthanized. An honest approach is best when dealing with a child, who also needs to know that his or her feelings and opinions have been listened to before a pet is put down. Children need time to say good-bye.

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