Puppy Vaccines

Puppy Kindergarten - 5We recommend that all puppies get a series of vaccines.  Vaccines will protect your puppy from viruses that can cause discomfort, hospital stays and even death.  It is the cost effective way to deal with puppy diseases as one hospital stay can cost many times more than the series of vaccines.  When should puppies be vaccinated?

If the mother of your puppy was vaccinated before breeding, her maternal antibodies – passed through the placenta and milk – should protect your puppy against most infections until they are about 2 months of age.  Some breeders may vaccinate at 6 weeks if they are going to be given to new owners before 8 weeks.  Vaccinating at this age has short term effects and does not remove the need for an 8 week vaccine.  If you know that the mother of your puppy was not vaccinated, you may wish to discuss early vaccination with your veterinarian to help protect during the first weeks of life.

8 Weeks – at 8 weeks we vaccinate against the 5 most common dog viruses (Distemper, Parvovirus, Coronavirus, Adenovirus II and Parainfluenza).

12 Weeks – this is a booster (repeat) of the 8 week vaccine.  It improves the body’s response by boosting immunity at a time when immunity would normally drop off.

16 Weeks – This third vaccine gives a 3rd dose of the first vaccine and a Rabies vaccine as well.  Rabies is one of the few viruses that affects all mammals (and is lethal without treatment) so protect your family and others by vaccinating your dog.

1 year – At one year we repeat the 16 week combination.  After this point you should speak with your veterinarian regarding further vaccinations.  We usually rotate vaccines yearly so that their immunity is always up to date.

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