Puppy Food

You have a new puppy – now what do you feed him or her?  It can be very confusing to try to pick a food!  There are so MANY choices and it’s so hard to figure out what is different about each one.  Here are a few guidelines to at least narrow it down a bit.

  1. Pick a puppy food – not an adult dog food.  Puppy’s are growing and developing bone and muscle.  This process requires more protein than is contained in most adult maintenance foods.  Puppy food is also often more calorie and mineral dense so that the puppy can get all their nutrition and vitamins in a smaller serving.  Puppy food should be fed for at least the first 6-9 months or until your dog reaches full size.  (Giant breed puppy owners should consult their veterinarian regarding food choices and how long they should be fed.)
  2. Pick a good quality food.  It is not possible to throw ingredients together and end up with something nutritious without some science and research behind it.  The foods sold at Green Acres have been thoroughly researched and are very consistent.
  3. Pick a kibble that your dog can eat easily – if you have a Chihuahua puppy it may not easily be able to eat the same size kibble as a Lab puppy.
  4. Pick a bag that is the right size for your dog.  Only buy a huge bag if you have a huge dog.  Dog food that is open for months at a time will not remain fresh and may cause picky dogs to stop eating it.
  5. If your puppy came with a food from the breeder but you do not want to continue feeding it, change the food gradually.  Dogs tend to get diarrhea with abrupt food changes.  Mix in a small amount of new food with the old food the first day and increase the ratios of new food to old food over 4-6 days until the old food is discontinued.
  6. Don’t stick with a food if your dog is not thriving on it!  This may take a few weeks or months to assess but if your puppy’s coat is not shiny, if they are too skinny or too fat, if they do not have consistently firm stool, if they have skin issues then consider buying a different food.  There is something better out there!

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