Dog Maintenance Diets

Puppy Food


Development  Puppy Small Dog Dry

Royal Canin Development Puppy:  packaging size 4 kg, 10 kg and 385 g canned

Royal Canin Development Puppy – Small Dog:  packaging size 2kg and 4 kg, dry only

Royal Canin Development Puppy – Large Dog:  packaging size 4 kg and 14 kg, dry only.



Adult Dog Food

Adult DryRoyal Canin Adult Canine:  packaging size 4kg,10 kg, 15 kg and 385 g cans

Royal Canin Adult Canine – Large Dog:  packaging size 12 kg




 Senior Dog Food

Mature Consult DryRoyal Canin Mature Consult:  packaging size 4 kg, 9 kg, 15 kg and 385 g cans

Royal Canin Mature Consult – Small Dog:  packaging size 1.5 kg and 3.5 kg

Royal Canin Mature Consult – Large Dog:  packaging size 13 kg


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