Garrus the Kitten

Garrus came to us as a 5 week old kitten who only weighed 1/2 of a kilogram. He received an injury to his right eye and he could no longer see out of it. In fact it was so swollen that it was sticking out of his head in an abnormal way.

Dr. Hansen knew that Garrus needed to have his eye removed in order to give him any chance at a comfortable, healthy life. Anaesthesia in such a small, young patient is very risky though and we were all worried about this!

So the next day, we at Green Acres got out all of our tiny things – tiny syringes, tiny surgical instruments, a tiny IV catheter and a tiny tube to help him breathe the anaesthetic gas. The surgery lasted for about 25 minutes and Garrus did very well through the whole thing. He woke up quickly after surgery and was placed in a warming bed to recover. He slept for a few hours but quickly got back to his playful kitten self.

Garrus was discharged with a tiny cone for his head so that he wouldn’t rub at his stitches and at last report is doing very well at home!


Garrus was in to have his sutures removed recently and he is doing very well. His incision has healed well and he is acting like a normal, happy kitten at home.


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