Cremation FAQs

Making the decision to euthanise your pet is very difficult.  It is just a little easier if you know what to expect.  Here are some answers to questions we often hear.

1. How does cremation take place?

Cremation is a thermal process that reduces an animal’s remains to bone fragments. It takes 30 minutes to two hours for most pets. The final step is to pulverize any remaining bone fragments (they are not totally consumed), producing the finer ash that pet owners receive.

2. What will my pet’s ashes look like?

Ashes will usually be a gritty gray substance that comes wrapped in a plastic bag within a sturdy box. You can choose to bury the box as-is, spread the ashes in your pet’s favorite spots or transfer the remains to an urn of your choice for safekeeping.

3. How do I know the ashes I get are really my pet’s?

Most veterinary clinics depend on an outside company to complete pet cremations.  Green Acres has it’s own professional crematorium.  Your pet never leaves our clinic so we know exactly what happens during the entire process.  Their body never leaves our care and we treat them the way we would want our pet’s treated.  If you choose, you may be present during the cremation process.

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