Cappuccino’s Babies

A few months ago, Dr. Felicia Finell adopted a guinea pig to be a companion for her other GP named Canuck. Being a good veterinarian, who believes in spaying and neutering, Canuck was neutered here at Green Acres when she first adopted him earlier this spring. All sounds good so far right? Well, as time went by and Cappuccino was fitting in well in her new home, Dr. Finell noticed something. Either Cappuccino was eating A LOT or she was gaining weight for some other reason. The little (or not so little) guinea pig took her first trip to GAAH for a diagnostic x-ray. Here is the x-ray that we took of Cappuccino’s abdomen.

If you look closely at this x-ray you can see Cappuccino’s spine and legs (the whitest part of the x-ray). The black parts represent air – there is a small area at the very front that is lungs full of air, the rest is gas in the intestinal system. If you look very closely you can see 3 tiny pale grey skeletons in the back part of the abdomen. To count off-spring we usually try to count spines or skulls because these are the most obvious. The spines look like tiny rail-way tracks. At our count Cappuccino is expecting 3 pups!

Guinea pigs are usually pregnant for about 2 months. They can have 1-6 pups with the average being 3. This is also a good number for allowing natural birth because a single pup may grow too large to pass through it’s mother’s pelvis.

August 2011

Cappuccino has had her 3 pups! Dr. Finell reports that the family is doing well!

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