Oct 17 2017

RVT? What the heck is a Tech?

As a client in a veterinary clinic, you may spend most of your time waiting in an exam room or waiting in the reception area. You might catch a Technician for a flash as they buzz to the front with your furry friend, or check your pet in for surgery in the early hours of opening, but most of their work is done behind the scenes. We invite you to be a fly on the wall for this post as we share with you just a few of the task our Registered Veterinary Technologist take on daily to provide the utmost care for your pets.


Caylee is seen here monitoring a surgical patient. Our RVTs record vital signs every 5 minutes, watching and listening closely to your loved ones heart and lungs.

Jen views a slide closely under the microscope. From blood smears to ear cytology, our in-house lab allows us to run a multitude of tests, ensuring efficient results for our clients.

Alison assists by holding "Yoshi" so the Doctor can take a good look down into the ear canal.

Alison assists by holding “Yoshi” so the Doctor can take a good look down into the ear canal.









Joanne checks the anesthesia machine. This device aids in safe delivery of oxygen and anesthetic, during a surgical procedure.

Julie fills prescriptions in our pharmacy. It is important we take an accurate weight of your pet so the prescriptions can be calculated and filled correctly for treatment.










The tasks of a Tech. are endless and spending a day behind the scenes with any one of them would guarantee a new appreciation for the level of care we provide as a team here at Green Acres. 

We asked our Doctors and support staff what they appreciate most about our RVTs, here’s just some of what they had to say…

“Their observation skills. Vets are usually multitasking between cases and it’s often the Techs. who bring certain observations to light so as a Doctor I can make a more detailed decision.” – Dr. Ronalee Hansen

“Their skill. They have awesome skills!” – Katie Spencer, Tech. Assistant

“A Tech. is a Vet’s right hand woman. She is the foundation to get the rest of my work in gear.”– Dr. Felicia Lloyd

” Their knowledge is invaluable and they are always willing to take the time and explain. I really appreciate it.”  -Cherie May, Client Relations Administrator 

“Our Animal Health Techs. across the board are like all the nurses in every department of a human hospital combined. They do each of those jobs all in one person.”– Pippa Goodfellow, Hospital Manager

” I can’t do my job without our Techs.”– Dr. Sarah Barnes

” Their patience with clients and their ability to provide explanation to their questions.” – Carolyn Stacey, Client Relations Administrator  

” Our Tech’s. have invaluable knowledge, you can’t have a Batman without a Robin. They are the cape of our Superhero Vet’s.” – Stacy Mahieux, Client Relations Supervisor 

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