Aug 18 2015

New Technology at Green Acres


Does this look familiar?  You’ve probably seen something like this at your local dentist’s office.  Green Acres is proud to announce that we are now equipped with a digital dental x-ray.  This new equipment is important in the early detection of dental disease in your pets.

In the past we have been unable to look at the roots of your pet’s teeth or at the bone that holds those teeth in place. Most dental problems originate below the gum line and can not be visualized by exam alone.  If your pet has a painful mouth, a broken tooth, or very inflamed gums we can now better decide if a tooth needs to be extracted or if it can be left and treated with antibiotics or some other oral solution.  If a tooth does need to be extracted we can ensure that no fragment of a tooth is left behind that can cause a problem later.

This x-ray equipment can also be used to evaluate noses, toes and very small pets.

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