Dec 09 2014

Green Acres Puppy Kindergarten

rsz_rsz_img_3098This fall Green Acres held it’s first Puppy Kindergarten Classes.  The main objective was to socialize the puppies (with other puppies and with adult dogs), to give the owners the basics of puppy care, and teach them how to introduce their puppy to new situations.

Our class had 4 participants, all of which were from the same litter!  They came every week to play together, be introduced to situations common in a vet clinic (nail trims, handling ears and feet, restraint for procedures), be desensitized to worrisome things (ie vacuum, fans, kids, large dogs, cats, etc.)  All four puppies graduated with honors!

We will be holding another class in the new year so if you have a puppy that would benefit from this type of interaction give us a call and get him/her on the list!  Call 403-327-8660 and ask to speak to Alison or Julie.

The Class of 2014

The Class of 2014


Playing with a big dog!


The Action shot!


Play solicitation


Water time at the end of a hard play session.

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