Feb 26 2013

Acres of Green

Did you know that Green Acres Animal Hospital is not just a pretty name?  We are located just east of 43rd Street in Lethbridge, on a large lot which means we actually have acres of grass where dogs can roam.  This sounds nice – but is actually very important for you and your pets as well.

  • When your dog is hospitalized, he or she can be walked on a large grassy area to ensure that they urinate and defecate without stress.  This is unusual in a major city practice.  Often, pets are expected to “do their business” on a small patch of gravel or pavement.
  • If we need to collect a urine sample from your dog it can be much easier to do this in a large yard with trees and a fire hydrant.  This helps us avoid needing to use more intrusive ways of collecting urine (for example, a urinary catheter).
  • Often, when dogs come in with a gait problem (like a limp or a change in how they walk) many dogs do not like to walk on a polished tile floor.  We often take dogs outside onto the lawn to examine them so that we can assess how they travel on a surface where they are completely comfortable.
  • Before or after an appointment it is great to take your dog on a walk around our property so that they have positive experiences at this location.  This can make your dog happier to go to the vet!  You may also feel free to bring your dog here on days when you do not have an appointment just for a walk.
  •  We also have a large private parking lot.  This means it is easier to get older, slower-moving animals into the clinic because there is no cross traffic from other businesses to deal with.


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